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Forthcoming Research

Local Governance Attitude Survey
What do community members understand to be the role of local government? How much do they trust government officials, elected representatives, church leaders, etc? What do they understand their own rights to be? And how do local government officials see their own role? In this project, we are conducting a survey of community members and leaders to answer all these questions and more. This will help us to get a better understanding of the environment that Daraja works in, and to plan our own activities accordingly.
Supply-Side Measures to Support Demand-Side Accountability
One aspect of Daraja's work is to lobby central government for policies that encourage more responsive local government. What can central government do, for example, that would make it easier for local community groups to engage with local government planning processes, or to monitor local government performance? This research project explores this idea in more detail, looking at the practice of local government in Tanzania as well as reviewing academic literature on the subject. This is a first step towards developing a set of evidence-based policy recommendations for how national government can help make local government more responsive to the needs and priorities of the community.