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Past Projects

Prior to 2009, Daraja focussed on learning more about the environment in which it will operate, and exploring some project ideas. We conducted the following pilot and research projects, all designed to put Daraja on a strong footing to begin more substantial activities.
Health Check - This 2008 project aimed to promote debate on local government's role in regulating health service providers. We sent mystery clients into a range of private- and government-run clinics, to check the reliability of diagnosis and prescription services. How accurate are malaria tests, for example? We plan to use the findings to challenge local government - what action will they take to address any problems that we might uncover.
Show Me the Money - This project aimed to promote debate about access to information about local government plans and performance. Are the district government's plans, budgets and reports available to members of the public? They are supposed to be, but in practice they are often hard to access. This makes it difficult for local community groups to lobby for projects that meet their needs, or to monitor whether spending goes according to plan. In this project, volunteers approached local government to request particular information, noted what happens, and publicised the results.
Guide to the Local Government Budget Process - Daraja contributed a chapter on the local government budget process for the Guide to the Budget Process in Tanzania, jointly published by HakiElimu and Policy Forum. A summary version of Daraja's chapter on local government budgets was published also separately as a leaflet, Enhancing Local Government Accountability: Where are the opportunities? This was published jointly by Daraja and Policy Forum.
download the full Guide to the Budget Process in Tanzania (pdf, full version, 2.7Mb)