Our work

Daraja aims to address poverty by making local government work more effectively. We believe that it is only when local government is responsive to the needs and priorities of the local community that money for schools, health facilities, water supply, roads, etc. will be spent effectively. We work with both local government and the community to make this possible. More details of our approach can be found here.
Daraja's work in Tanzania is currently divided into three programmes, each aiming to make local government more responsive in a different way. This one-page concept note introduces these programmes, and explains how they fit into Daraja's overall strategic plan for 2010-2013.
Raising the Water Pressure is a nationwide programme focussing on local governance in the water sector. Branded as Maji Matone, the programme aims to create simple opportunities for rural citizens to put pressure on local government to deliver water supplies more fairly and more sustainably.
Twende Pamoja is a local media programme, starting with a trial local newspaper (Kwanza Jamii) in Njombe. The paper aims to promote inclusive public debate on local issues, to scrutinise local government's plans and performance and to strengthen communications between local government and the community.
The Policy Programme is a research and advocacy programme. It involves conducting research on the practice of local governance and using the findings to influence national policy in ways that support responsive local governance.
Collectively, these three programme comprise Daraja's Strategic Plan for 2010-2013.
Prior to 2009, Daraja had no full time employees. Our work focussed mainly on research and a small number of pilot projects.