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Tz Board of Directors

Kajubi Mukajanga (Board Chairperson) is the Executive Secretary of the Media Council of Tanzania, establishing to raise standards and protect media freedoms. He has previously worked as a media analyst and commentator.

Francesca Matay (Treasurer) is founder-director of the Tanzania Women of Impact Foundation (TAWIF), which campaigns on women's rights and good governance issues. She has a Masters degree in economics.

Josephine Lemoyane has over 20 years working on development projects in Tanzania, including DFID-supported projects. Her current position is as governance advisor for the Dutch agency, SNV.

Moses Kulaba is one of Tanzania's leading young activists, with a keen interest in the role of civil society in holding government to account. He currently spreads his time between working at Norwegian Chirch Aid (NCA), the NGO Policy Forum, a coalition of civil society groups focused on good governance, and as Executive Secretary of Agenda Participation 2000, which aims to strengthen community participation in government decision making. In this role, he is responsible for the Corruption Tracker System, an online resource for monitoring and combatting corruption.

Salvius Nkwera is an economist working with local government in Tanzania. Currently based in Dar es Salaam, he previously worked for Makete District Council as a planning officer.