About Daraja

Daraja is a recently-formed organisation, working in rural Tanzania, aiming to make local government more responsive to the communities they serve.
Our mission is to empower communities and local institutions and build their capacity to work effectively together to reduce poverty in Tanzania. We believe in bringing government closer to the people, and are committed to making democratic local government work for the poor.
Daraja is based in Njombe, in Iringa region of Southern Tanzania. This helps to ensure that our work is deeply rooted in the life of rural Tanzania. Njombe and the surrounding area will act as a testing ground for our ideas before they are scaled up – either by Daraja itself or by partners.
We have already established a strong and growing reputation for our innovative work on local governance. Two Daraja studies have been published as HakiElimu working papers and Daraja contributed the chapter on local government in Policy Forum’s Guide to the Budget Process in Tanzania.
We are passionate about upholding our values in everything Daraja does, including ensuring Daraja is accountable to the people with whom it works.
Daraja Development Limited is a (not for profit) company limited by guarantee and not having share capital, registered in 2009 under the Companies Act (Cap 212) of the laws of Tanzania. It is governed by a Board of Directors with extensive experience in development and good governance.
Daraja Trust is a registered charity in the UK (No. 1116346), formed in 2003 primarily to support the work of Daraja Development Limited in Tanzania. Daraja Trust has a separate Board with a range of experience on rural development projects in Tanzania and elsewhere. These two organisations are independent but have a close relationship, as demonstrated by a common Board Member sitting on both boards. 


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